Saturday, December 18, 2004

christmas party!

Last night

I left work late and had to commute all the way back to the apartment carrying a VERY heavy book, a whole cake (for the party) and my office stuff. Sheesh, the holidays can sap all your energy, i tell you! Took the mrt/lrt route and the people there are so fucking insensitive you'd blow your head off with a gun in front of them and they still wouldn't care. Did anybody help a struggling gal with her heavy stuff? NO. Did anybody at least offer his/her seat? NO. Fuckin' zombies.

Anyhoo, i got home at last and had only a few minutes to freshen up before Paolo picked me up to go to Ajo's place. Last night we celebrated the annual "barkada get-together" , a.k.a. christmas partee. Since it was potluck, we passed by Pao's house to get his share --- chicken and some corn n' carrots. Sophie, his niece, was also there and she and i played for a bit while Pao got his food. She is soooo cute! Gawd, i now understand why Pao is such the proud uncle. She kinda got mad at me because we had to leave early and i couldn't play with her toys anymore though. Awww...

What supposedly was to start at 7pm ended up starting out around 10ish in the p.m. --- why? We had no beer and no food. Hahaha. Fate smiled oh so snidely on us when we found ourselves bored, hungry and kinda anxious over not having anything to eat or --gasp!-- drink. We busied ourselves with Miloy's name game (name 10 movies of...), preliminary tong-its (a starter daw), and idle chitchat. Oh yeah, and the occasional nibbling of Miloy's baked tahong.

Soon, however, we managed to get some food in our bellies and beer into our system, heheh! Lotsa picture-takings, gift-sharing, updates on work, etc. and yes, meeting old faces once again. Hmmm. Like everything, everybody's getting older. :-P

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